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After the success of our sister organisation, Riding Andalusia – as recommended by the Daily Mail – we decided to provide a service focusing on our polo base, Iridike Polo Club, next to Sotogrande, as well as our Seville centre, although we also deal with polo around the world: for example, we helped set up – and provided the horses for many years now – for the St. Moritz Snow Polo, Kitzbühel Snow Polo, Ibiza Beach Polo and most recently set provided all the horses for the first ever polo match in Montenegro.

Below is the story of our founder, Klarina Pichler, a polo agent and manager, a horse-breeder and top-level professional player – as described in an interview with the Spanish newspaper ABC in November 2018. (Original Spanish beneath.)

Klarina Pichler arrived in Seville, Andalusia, from her own polo club in Austria in 2013. One of the best female polo player’s in the world, reaching a +4 goal handicap, she grew up with horses in her native Salzburg, she was a champion at dressage, show-jumping and by the age of twenty-five had moved on to jockeying racehorses in Munich in Germany.

In Zurich, she found a English thoroughbred male foal, El Star, to begin a breeding herd. He had originally been purchased sight unseen for €100,000, so good was his lineage: his great-grandfather was Northern Dancer, the 20th century’s “sire of sires” (his never-beaten cousin Frankel, was rated by the World Thoroughbred Racehorse Rankings Committee as the best racehorse in history.)

Klarina on El Star (Photo: Nicolás Haro)

“I wanted the very best and wanted to start small, because I wanted to make them one by one myself, to train them myself, in my own way.”

Inspired by the natural horsemanship techniques of Monty Roberts – the source for the novel and film The Horse Whisperer – Klarina disliked others methods of making a horse rideable.

“They break its spirit through fear. I come from the idea of inspiring confidence, making the horse confident about being ridden.”

She founded the Alpe Carinthia Polo Club in 2008 and there hosted 120 horses along with her own herd of 40…. However, the offer of managing a polo club in Seville was too much to refuse. “Andalusia is not only historically beautiful and beautifully historic, it also seemed to have an untapped potential with its indigenous horse culture.”

Contact: Klarina Pichler

Email klarina@poloandalusia.com

Telephone +34 664 861 864

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